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President's Quarterly Message - March 2015

Three months have passed since our AGM at which the MGAA experienced the passing of the torch from its founding board. Our association has survived this major change in leadership, and is thriving!

A new leaner board with new a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, plus our continuing communications director and four new regional directors, were elected to guide the MGAA for the next two years. The board met face-to-face for the first time on January 17 in Red Deer, and this was a great opportunity for its members to get to know each other as most of our board meetings are conducted on-line. Our new team has many talents and is enthusiatic, and together we are figuring out our roles, and where we want to make our contributions. We are gelling into a strong but effective working team! More importantly, we are backed by our fellow MGAAers who are helping in so many ways as we shape and mould our association to one that is well on the way to maturity.

 As a provincial association, effective and relevant communication is vital, with our website www.mgaab.org being our most important tool. In 2015 we want to make the website and our Facebook page our ‘go to’ place for all things MGAA. 

 This will require energy and involvement to make happen, so have decided not to publish a newsletter in 2015, but focus on the website. Craig Henderson, our Communications Director will be working on the technical pieces of this, but does need to have assistance with the content of the website. If there are couple of MGAAers, perhaps one from North and South, who would like to help out with the website, that would be grand.

 These roles would primarily entail being gatekeepers of the website, reviewing submissions for posting for content and grammar. In addition, all MGAAers are invited to write short snippets and articles for the website about events, interesting developments in the gardening world and so on that will keep us all connected and learning. If the role(s) interest you please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Plans for tours, speakers and other events are well underway for the 2015 gardening season and both Northern and Southern Alberta have already held member events! We plan to host popular events such as Tea in the Garden, tours of public gardens and introduce some new events, including a proposed joint event at Ellis Bird Farm with a lunch and tour this summer. If you have suggestions for events for us to host please get in touch with a director from your region.

I invite you to email any board with comments, suggestions and feedback on your MGAA through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your note will be redirected appropriately. I also encourage you to sign up for our MGAA Facebook page this year as a way for us to connect with each other throughout the Province. The link is found on our website.

So stay tuned and stay the course with us as we all work hard to connect, learn and grow ourselves individually and collectively as a vibrant Provincial Association for Alberta Master Gardeners!

Janet Melrose
President, Master Gardeners Association of Alberta