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Mary Ross



Betty Hiltz



Colleen Tanner


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Ryan Rainkie


Director - Membership

Glynn Wright


Director - Volunteer Hours

Fiona Bamforth


Director - North Events

Irene Szkambara


Director - North Volunteer

John Bamforth


Director - South Events

Jackie Huberdeau


Director - South Volunteer


About Us

The Master Gardeners Association of Alberta (MGAA) is a registered not-for-profit society dedicated to providing Master Gardeners with opportunities to further enhance their gardening and horticultural education and skills; volunteer at various levels in the community; and network with fellow gardeners across the province.  

The majority of our members earned their Master Gardener designation at an Alberta master gardener program.  These programs provide both in-classroom education and hands-on experience in areas such as: botany, plant care and propagation, plant identification, pest management and control, as well as landscape design.  

The MGAA is a provincial association that operates in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration with other societies and associations in the horticultural sector.   MGAA strives to be a broker of horticultural information and to foster an environment to support the pursuit of life-long learning.

We are committed to increasing public awareness of the role and number of master gardeners and to promoting the benefits of gardening. We aim to keep abreast of the latest research and theories in horticultural practices and implement these concepts as we engage our “green thumbs" in gardening pursuits.  Watch for Master Gardeners fielding gardening questions and providing practical gardening advice at various horticultural events throughout the province.


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